Why You Should Never Even Contemplate Putting Tile Around A Vinyl Floor

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With the increase in recognition of people dealing with home improvement jobs themselves more individuals are picking to tile over their previous floor and even though you could believe that it is helping you save time this will actually trigger instability of your brand-new floor. In addition, the floor can seldom be level and can cause your brand-new tile floor to have a substandard appearance. Here are a few of the major causes you need to never tile of the previous floor.

The outer lining of a vinyl floor is quite slick and glistening, much like plastic, and extremely difficult to adhere to. It is also non porous which also helps it be very difficult to get a great connect no matter what type of glue you attempt to use. Even the method of roughening the top that is preferred by some people isn’t likely to help.

One of many greatest reasons to not set tile over the present floor is really because the floor may possibly begin lifting after you set it producing you to have to relay an area of the floor or perhaps need certainly to update the entire job. I do not learn about you but I loathe replacing such a thing, I wish to accomplish the task once and be completed with it. This is exactly why you need to do the same and save your self the difficulty of the expected replacement of the floor.

Yet another problem with installing tile over vinyl is it is exceedingly difficult to get your floor level which will be critical when tiling. Also making transitions in areas where the floor level changes or you have to fill out areas is hard to do. It is obviously best in the first place a brand new, clear floor that the mortar can adhere to.

Many vinyl surfaces are put down together with slim plywood as well as particleboard which will be not encouraged at all for using tile to. Laying tile over surfaces like these in not merely unwise it is risky and because of the natural mobility of the vinyl the tile will probably split and you might have to displace the entire floor.

In the event that you however wish to keep the vinyl floor underneath you will need to make some architectural changes to the floor by screwing the vinyl down and then placing down a mortar bottom with mesh and cement or lay down a plywood sub-floor that will support decrease the possibility of cracking. It is equally as significantly perform to do all of this as there could be in the event that you raised the vinyl up in the very first place.

I am hoping that I’ve succeeded in dissuading your some ideas to put in tile over vinyl. Make sure to keep every one of the concerns I’ve mentioned in mind as the small cut of tiling over vinyl is really not just a small cut, it will cost you more time and money in the future.

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